From The "Other Side"

To all the Spirit Guides who assist us – and To the Angels who protect us!

I recall the numerous occasions when my grandparents had discussed "brujos" in the kitchen where the whole family would congregate – coming and going during their respective arrivals from work, school or play. It was a shotgun house with two double or single beds to each of the three bedrooms. I was only five or six then. I remember that the kitchen was where the Rodriguez Tamale Factory was located. Everyone automatically assumed shifts in the Tamale assembly line. Each would perform their required tasks. There were no duty rosters. Whoever arrived next after work or school would considerately fill in at an open station. Along the side of one wall of the kitchen was a separate table covered with an oilcloth. On top was a large pan of boiled ground beef with special condiments. Alongside was another large container with corn meal or, masa as it was called. Next, was a stack of pre-cut corn husk leaves. And, next to that was another stack of husk leaves with corn meal spread on the upper right quarter section. Aunt Alice was bubbling over about a new handsome boy she had met while shopping down-town.

Aunt Vi was dancing out of the shower which entered into the kitchen. She was wrapped in a towel. On the way to her bedroom, she stuck her crooked finger into the pot of beef while pulling out a meat-covered digit. This, she stuck plumply into her mouth.

My grandmother screamed at her in Spanish for sneaking a dip. I was seated on the edge of a chair pressing recently cropped corn shucks into a porcelain pot of hot water. My task was usually to clean the shucks while I was waiting for my mother to come pick me up after kindergarten class. I sometimes would clean the husks for hours before she arrived. The shucks had to be immersed in hot water in order to clean the corn dust and insects which settled on the membrane layers. The hot water loosened the refuse while at the same time softening the husk leaves to make them pliable and easier to cut and fold. I watched my grandmother pick up a husk leaf already covered with cornmeal as she positioned it in the palm of her left hand. She then scooped up just the right amount of beef to add to the leaf and then rolled the tamale like a cigar while at the same time flipping up the tail end of the shuck into a neat fold. Then she would carefully position the tamale into a smoke blackened pot that when filled would be put on the stove for steaming.

Aunt Ida arrived still dressed in her Catholic school uniform and started smearing corn meal on a shuck leaf while Aunt Alice was cutting some shucks into just the right size and laid next to the stack Aunt Ida was pulling from. Uncle Frankie, senior to me by just 7 years, opened the icebox and took a swig out of the milk jug. Before he could put it back on ice, all the women screamed at him for putting his mouth to the bottle top. My grandmother grabbed the broom and hit him squarely on his rump. He scuttled out of the house thereby shirking his position at the Tamale table.

Mr. Joe was knocking at the back door and spoke in Spanish through the screened door. He said that he was supposed to pick up two pots of tamales. At that time, my grandfather came in and took each pot off the stove. He then placed them inside of two separate cardboard boxes and covered them with newspaper for insulation.

Then he hitched up his dragging pants and adjusted the hernia horn of the brace he had strapped around his abdominal section. He smiled as he

took the few dollars that Mr. Joe had given him. Mr. Joe worked for Manuel who would sell the tamales at Carrollton and Canal in a Tamale wagon marked "Manuel's Tamales". The Manuel Tamale brand became quite famous in New Orleans even though they were made by my grandparents. However, while Mr. Manuel was alive, he would always let everyone know that the real original tamale was the "Rodriguez Tamale".

Up until my mother's death, on special occasions, she would make the celebrated tamale. Although family members pass on, the tradition of the Rodriguez Tamale was staunchly guarded and even today, has never been replicated. The process of making them unusually tasty – with the special ingredients and condiments in the original recipe – was never passed on to the younger family members. Those secrets remain captured only in legacy.

"Brujos", or witches, were a general discussion topic around my grandparents' home. This was probably due to our Central American heritage. Besides, in those days, during the late 1930's, family conversations predominated for social entertainment since there was no television. Radio shows, such as; "Only the Shadow, Knows," the "Creaking Door," and "Lights Out, Everybody" would broadcast favorite eerie stories of those days. Those programs were always tuned in at night with the lights turned out with the exception of the small yellow glow emanating from the tuning dial gauge set in the large radio box. Following those programs, while the lights were still off, my Aunt Vi and Uncle Frank would recount stories that would haunt my early nurturing.

My grandfather would further characterize tales pertaining to his early youth in Central America. He described his life as a young man walking through the woods from his village to another neighboring town in order to court a girl friend. He related that there was an evil spirit about the town which would take the form of a beautiful naked lady riding astride a large white horse. She would appear in the dark streets late at night seeking out errant young men. Upon finding one of her choosing, she would take him away or would strike him dumb with fear. My Grandfather portrayed these stories in such a manner that caused me, ever after, to become wary as I walked the streets at night.

Aunt Vi and Uncle Frank would frequently tell me the story about the Chinese lad who was killed by his brothers by being buried alive. For many years afterwards, I could vividly hear the screams of the Chinese boy ringing in my ears .

My mother also, would fervently unfold stories of fortune tellers, gypsies, and spiritualists to whom she went for psychic readings.

It seems like only yesterday, but in 1943 I particularly recall the following ominous happening. While in my mother's kitchen, I was seated with my Aunt Vi with a Quija board between us. She asked about the whereabouts of Uncle Frank who at the time was serving in the Army during World War II. He had been in the European phase for a year and we had not heard from him in months.

The Ouija hand-wand jumped from the tips of our fingers and spelled out that Uncle Frank had been blown up and shot in an arm and a leg. Two weeks later the family received notice that Uncle Frank had been wounded. Two months after that, we found that his left arm had been amputated and his right leg was crippled from shrapnel.

In another happening, everyone was aware that the ghost of my mother's 2nd deceased husband roamed the house at night. Doors were mysteriously opened, even those which were locked by key.

On another occasion, late at night and alone in the family restaurant, I heard my name eerily called out while no one else was there.

Needless to say, in time I was navigated into attending several spiritualist sessions. I further pursued this intrigue by frequenting the public library. Unrelentingly, I read about witches and voodoo rituals in Haiti. On night while hitch-hiking to College with a buddy, we wound up with out a ride half way to Hammond. We continued our wait for over an hour without being picked up. In sheer boredom and exasperation, I picked up some stones from the shoulder of the highway and placed them in the middle of the highway in the form of an "X".

I then mumbled some spicy sorcerer's chant and told my buddy that the next car to pass would mean "Death"! We saw the head beams of an oncoming car pressing fast upon us. My eyes followed as it passed by. My friend wailed, shouting loudly, "Blood, Blood, it's all over me!" On the ground at his feet was a dead armadillo which was hit by the fading car.

These incidents and the following dialogue pertaining to the "Other Side" are part of my past. Subsequently, I have come to learn and fathom that there are three spirits within us. An Evil Spirit, our Human Spirit, and the Holy Spirit. I have also learned that it is important that we live in such a manner that the Evil Spirit within us must be quieted and not fed. It is more important that we visualize the strength of the Holy Spirit, Who is there for us if we but ask and call upon Him.

Armed with such astuteness, as we seek out and search for our identity, we should refrain from enactments which nourish and fuel the Evil Spirit within us. Drugs, or too much alcohol, or mentalizing about things of the occult and witchcraft can be unusually harmful to a balanced psyche.

By way of having counseled persons chronically mentally ill, it became apparent to me that there are many desperate persons who are dual diagnosed with chemical abuse and quite often, some form of Schizophrenia or Manic Depression. Some of these persons can be the most difficult to rehabilitate.

As Christ had driven out the devils in healing many demon-possessed individuals, we must learn to know the difference between the angels who surround us and the demons who also await their turn. We should call upon our inner Human Spirit together with the Holy Spirit within us. In this way we can best benefit by a wholesome life in achieving our just rewards.

The ensuing tomes are a dialogue from a past journey taken in a quest to probe my inner self in continuing to discover who I am. How can we tell what is real and what is not real? How can we determine what is human and what is inhuman? In so doing, it is important that we keep the faith and believe in the Righteousness of being a servant of God.

Relevant points on Reincarnation are also raised in this thesis. Is Reincarnation real for any of us? Or, is it but another figment to add taste to our appetites or to test our imaginations. Many religious groups throughout the world adhere to the belief that man is reborn into another life.

Thinking in the realm of Reincarnation raises another question. Is it possible that I am what is called an old soul? This, according to what I am told, is a soul that inhabited human form during the days of the ancient City of Atlantis.

Yes, I am always ready to explore in quest of the “who am I,” but today the meaning is most significant in the knowledge that I have been reincarnated with myself by being born again in Christ.

Milly's Grandfather

Saturday, November 1, 1986

Elaine and I had an appointment to visit Milly for an Automatic Writing session.

Milly introduced herself in a very comforting manner. Her charisma sifted through quite splendidly. She explained who she was, where she was coming from, and let us ask any personal questions directed to her background and activity. She revealed that her immediate past 16 years had been active in human relations counseling and participated as a lecturer touring the United States. Her psychic communication link with the "Other Side" derives directly with her medium, her Grandfather, Stuart F. Hall, who died in 1935. She fondly referred to "Grandfather" as her active Spirit Guide, who channeled information to her through Automatic Writings.

My interest became peaked because Elaine had already introduced me to her own psychic abilities in performing similar communication contacts. The very first time Elaine demonstrated her innate talent in “writing,” caused goose bumps to spread over my entire body. I immediately thought of demons and underworld witchcraft, of which I was not completely ignorant. In a New Orleans Voodoo setting and with DejaVu influences, these things are taken quite seriously by believers as well as some non-believers. I allowed myself to participate strictly from curiosity in order to witness Milly's capability, style, accuracy, voracity, etc., etc., etc. I wanted to see her talents compared to Elaine's.

Milly began the session by pulling out a composition book. She opened it to the first blank page and asked us to meditate as she uttered a reassuring short prayer. Although Milly's eyes were closed, she immediately started writing upon the open pages of the note book. Milly had already prepared us by describing that her Grandfather was actually possessing her hand and executing the writings. When Milly opened her eyes, she read the passages aloud.

Our attention was directed on Elaine. Milly related that her Grandfather was in process of revealing several past-life souls who were attached to Elaine. These past-life souls, Milly referred to as Spirit Guides who were in constant communication with Elaine. Through Milly, Grandfather wrote that Elaine had one significant Spirit companion by the name of “Michael” who for some time, had been attempting to "talk" with her.

Elaine's past involvement with spirit communications was what I would call a Closet Writer. However, she had been writing to the "Other Side" since 1972, some 15 years earlier.

Nevertheless, Elaine kept these activities close to herself. Very few people were aware of her preoccupation in the supernatural. Most of her closest friends, including her immediate family, were not privy to her psychic development. However, it takes a very obtuse person, not to perceive the profound psychic sensitivities abounding within her normal day to day demeanor.

Now, through this visit with Milly, Michael was made known to Elaine. Over the years, Elaine had prevailed through a number of entities whose expressions were not necessarily more than the babble of Quija Board play.

Through periods of spiritual growth, she had developed her intuitive skills by self-imposed disciplines and meditations. She catered to two or three spiritual contacts. She manifested predominately on one Spirit Guide who referred to himself as Lester. Over years of exercises, she

became to trust Lester; and he still remains as one of her supportive spirit Guides. Milly had her own style and manner of third party representation through her Grandfather. Between the two of them, they orchestrated their commentary by superbly elucidating an

engaging psychic performance. After covering a number of aspects, Elaine asked how many past lives had been shared between her and I. Milly conveyed, six in all. Three had been lived in the Mayan culture of the Yucatan. Grandfather Hall verified that there were three previous contacts of past-life during the Mayan Civilization. These episodes are more explicitly narrated in the following comments.

Grandfather Hall wrote:

"The First past life was as Mayan Indians. You were man and wife whose names were Willa and Kalu. They lived a good life and shared one son. “In the Second life, Hud was a High Priest named Damu and Elaine was called Vita. She was a very beautiful woman. As the circumstance demanded, Vita was sacrificed at the age of 39 in one of the ancient ceremonies. She was the most beautiful woman in the Mayan Community. She was chosen as a sacrifice because of her beauty and stature. She was treated as Royal Deity by the other Indian maidens and was catered to daily. In ritualistic preparation she was massaged with ointments and was cultivated for months for the Holy Sacrifice. She was regarded as Divine by all. But, Damu, became scorned by Vita and she vowed a terrible vengeance. She was disappointed because he had not fought to protect his loving Vita. “Therefore, Damu's future Karma was destined to be difficult because no attempt was made to prevent the Sacrifice."

Milly explained that because of that particular "life-time", Elaine and I were now incurring difficulties during this present incarnation.

Grandfather continued:

"The Third life in which you lived together was again in the Mayan culture. Elaine, you returned as a male, a High Priest, and Hud returned as a Beautiful Mayan Virgin to be sacrificed before the assembled tribal liturgy."

Karma was resolved !!!

The day following this psychic “phenomena,” I asked Elaine to write in order to find out what her Guide, Lester, had interpreted by Milly and Grandfather Hall's presentments.

Immediately upon opening her tablet to write, the following commentary sprawled out on the page in the usual connective manner without spaces between words. For easy understanding I have taken the occasion to make the proper interpretations and inserted punctuation absent from the initial writings.

The first line of Lester's writings appear on the note pad as follows.


The text translation of the above line and the completion of her writing follows:

"This is Lester. Milly, is authentic, although her books are not necessarily valid or entirely correct. We need to talk more about all of her concepts as they are not exactly appropriate, but we will review that soon. However, read her books before discussion."

"This is Michael."

The above writing sprang to the page. Elaine jerked her hand away startled. She had previously commented that at times she could feel her fingers tighten around a pen and that other spirits would try to interject in place of Lester. She felt that at those times she could not trust who was commandeering the portfolio and would put the pen and pad away. This time I urged her to continue and she complied.

"This is Michael. Do not be afraid as I am actually much closer to you than Lester. Elaine, you and I have had many former lives together. I am your "Soul Mate"! My reason for not announcing myself to you on earlier occasions was because you were not emotionally ready. I was concerned that you would misinterpret the bond of communication which we have always had. Now that you are with Hud and since Milly's grandfather revealed my presence to you, I am happy. I have always loved you and when you return to "this side", or in future reincarnations, we shall again share our eternal happiness.

"I am very glad that Hud is with you. You two need to resolve your Karma from past existences. Now, I can continue to "write" through you because Hud is mature and will not be daunted by my spiritual and emotional presentments. In fact, his curiosity is peaked and will allow me to communicate as often as I wish. I have always been with you and with you I shall remain as your only true "Soul Mate". Do you recall the various instances when you were in trouble?

It was I that kept your automobile from crashing into the Canal."

Of course these episodes furthered my interest. I felt that it was essential to explore more information. Therefore, I suggested to Elaine that we take a trip to the Yucatan. We then agreed to seek out our past-life as revealed by Milly and her Grandfather. We decided to test the verity and authenticity of the Automatic Writings which come to us from the "Other Side".

The Thanksgiving holiday week was approaching and would provide ample time for us to tour several parts of the Yucatan Peninsula. I, therefore, made the necessary arrangements.

Thursday, November 20, 1986 - 7:00 p.m.

Elaine putting pen to her tablet,

"Lester is here. You two need a vacation and so do I. I am so happy to be going

with you on this trip. You must write every day and talk to us too, OK?"

(the Question Mark was underscored by Lester)

"This is Michael. Take along your meditation tapes and a lot of good will come out

of your resting and Hud also will benefit from a needed rest as well as meditating.

I will be one of your guides too, so please talk to us every day. Check the weather,

we don't want you to be cold. Tour the trip in the manner Hud suggests. It will be

interesting to the two of you and you are going to be amazed".

"Please pack all of your medicine, because many of the roads are not too good and

your neck will bother you. Pack your heating pad also".

I asked a question pertaining to which of the Mayan Pyramids between Tulum and Chichen-Itza would be most meaningful to visit. Particularly as it might relate to any previous life activity that we may have had in the Yucatan Peninsula.


"This is Michael. The two are significant, but Tulum is interesting. You will have feelings all along the way throughout your tour because when you were there in your previous lives you traveled all over. You were wealthy and traveled to other areas, so you will sense mixed feelings when you get there. However, not in Cancun, because that area, as you know, is new. What you see there is new, but as you travel, you will have certain feelings. Follow your feelings".

Tuesday, November 25, 1986: 10:00 a.m.

The morning required some last minute packing. I had to make a quick trip to my office to pick up a few things. Elaine was looking forward to the journey for many reasons. The morning was grey, heavy with dark clouds, and drenching rain. Later, upon our return to New Orleans, we were told that the entire week had been wet.

Aboard the Plane -- Continental Flight #45 – New Orleans Departure to Houston

On finishing the flight breakfast, I suggested that we should set aside several times each day during the trip in order to make regular spiritual communication with Elaine's Guides, Lester and Michael. As our voyage unfolded, we had tried to write the chronicles morning, noon, and night. Even I got into the act as a result of having proved myself an avid learner.

Elaine Tuesday 25th, 10:30 a.m.

"This is Lester. Well, we are on our way, but everything is not really great. This plane has to land, and that pilot is not very good, so I guess I'll have to help him put it down. Yes, you need to concentrate on this trip, but now is not a very good time to write, nor when riding in a car. Your concentration is not quite the same with such motion. Talk to us when you get there. Michael is here now."

"This is Michael. Your trip will be well worth your time. It will be good if you meditate in order to start making good headway. However, this is not a good time. You are not really relaxed and I am not tuned in well for you. Please fasten your seat belt."

When we landed in Houston, the weather had turned quite cold. We were glad that we had taken our warm jackets. It didn't take long to usher ourselves through the Terminal corridors in order to board the continuing trip aboard the plane to Cancun.

Tuesday 25th, Noon arrival at Cancun:

The weather was hot and we realized that we probably had not brought the best choice of clothes after all. We rented an Encore automobile from Holiday Rent-A-Car. Our first stop in search of a Hotel brought us to the Calypso Bar and Pool.

We decided to relax and have a couple of drinks. Before paying our tab, the Bartender fixed us each Slammers "on-the-House". He explained that they were the House specialty. He first poured Tequila into a shot glass which was dropped into a larger glass filled partially with Squirt soft drink. He covered the glass with the palm of his hand and slammed the glass down on the Bar top. This caused the drink to fizz over the brim. We were instructed to toss the drink down in one long gulp. We obeyed.

Observing many different T-Shirts stretched out on the ceiling, I asked if they wanted one of mine. Both of the bartenders stated that they would put it up on the ceiling with the others. I retrieved my "Buck Town" T-shirt from the rented auto and then

inscribed it with "Hud & Elaine" 11/25/86.

We then checked in at the Hotel Casa Maya which was just across the street. This proved to be an excellent choice. The suite was very comfortable, with a large master bedroom opening out to the Lagoon and the main thoroughfare, the Paseo Kukulkan. The suite was large which included a kitchenette located next to a rather spacious living room area with a veranda facing the outdoor Pools and tropical gardens. The Beach area was not more than a hundred feet away. The outdoor view was magnificent. It included a scene of the horizon resting upon the Caribbean Sea. Off to the right, in not too far distance, we could see the Isla de Mujeres.

Upon checking into the Hotel we decided to rest before going out for supper. We were cognizant that we had an early morning check-out and a long drive the following morning. We did not prearrange any schedule of stops, voyage routes, nor even Hotel accommodations for the Thanksgiving Weekend. We were determined to journey with a "Que Sera, Sera!" attitude, "Whatever will be, will be!"

Having had many imprudent experiences on prior trips to Mexico, I had been quite aware that preparations and good planning are essential. Therefore, relinquishing to better judgement, I asked the Hotel concierge to call forward in arranging Hotel accommodations for the following evening. Retiring for the remaining part of the afternoon, we awoke well rested. We showered and dressed casually for supper. Without dinner reservations, we drove off to find supper wherever we would be caused to wander.

Driving along the coastline, we happened upon the Restaurante Casa Salsa, nestled back on one of the many beaches. Mariachis welcomed us as we arrived. Only Mexican food was offered on the Menu, so we dined "a la Mexicana". A young Mayan girl committed us to buy two small paintings – each inscribed with our names, Hud on one and Elaine on the other. The likenesses were not very good, but regardless, I paid the requested purchase price.

Tuesday 25th 8:00 pm


"This is Lester. You both need to retire early. We will help guide you on this trip.

Soon you will know why you are here. We welcome your inquiries. Keep seeking

and asking. You and Elaine will eventually know all that you wish to know."


"This is Michael. Thank you for taking Lester and me out tonight so that we can work the rest of the week. We will grow and learn together. I want you to feel the sensations of the various towns and sites. Then I will confirm your feelings. If I reveal to you where you had crossed paths together in previous lives, then you may anticipate and maybe get off to a wrong start. I want the two of you to simply follow what each of you feel."

Tuesday 25th 9:30 p.m. – after Dinner.

Arriving back at the Hotel Casa Maya we considered a wrap-up drink for the evening at the Majic Bar, but decided against it since we had planned to leave early, so we reported up for bed.

Elaine (pulling out her Writing Tablet once more.)

"This is Lester. I will write first and then Michael will take his turn. Elaine, you

need to rest and get out of this town. You can hardly breath in this gasoline filled

place. When you get out into the country you will feel better and more relaxed."

"This is Michael. I know that you need rest but tomorrow let's get on the road and write when you are well rested and can think. There is a strange odor here, don't you agree? No, not that, there is something else that smells. Ask Hud if he can smell it."


"This is Michael. You can agree about the smell. It is not pleasant and is not good

to breath into your body for too long, but go to sleep and we will get started


Wednesday, November 26, 1986: 8:00 a.m.

We arose early in the morning and slipped down to the beautiful patio gardens for breakfast in the Beach side Terrace of the Casa Maya Hotel. I enjoyed the fresh air with the fresh tropical fruits. I have always delighted in squeezing fresh lime juice over selections of melons and other assorted fruits.

We packed up our Encore automobile with all our belongings and on exiting the Hotel grounds, we noted the Majic Bar that we didn't make the evening before. For the next few days we were stumped in trying to recall the tune, "It's Magic", but, with no success. Funny how those things become a temporary pressing obsession.

I continued onwards and maneuvered the correct turns on to the road to Tulum. We planned on visiting the Tulumic ruins as a first stop in our Pyramid encounter. Having been on the road for a while, we decided in favor of a quick thirst quenching Mexican Cervesa at the Playa del Carmen. Feeling the refreshing blush of the beer, we stopped twice more along the road to Tulum, first at Akumal and then at Xel Ha. Viewing the Lagoon at Xel Ha is splendidly marvelous experience. It is a protected inner water reservoir inhabited with a multitude beautiful exotic fish. At the right time of day, the fish perch their mouths to nibble food out of the Tourists hands. Xel Ha, pronounced "Shel-ha", is a well developed tourist attraction boasting the world's largest natural outdoor aquarium. We took several pictures to capture the loveliness of the area.

We returned to the car and continued on for the next ten minutes driving south to Tulum. Upon our arrival, we immediately proceeded up the levee and passed through the Walls of the Ancient Toltec City. We strolled down and around the

Inner Citadel of Tulum which is populated by some sixty ancient structures in various stages of decay and weathering ruins. We climbed a cliff overlooking the Caribe (Caribbean Sea). We settled ourselves beneath a tree to drink from a freshly cut coconut. Elaine had endeavored to write, but as an afterthought she put away her tablet.

I sat quietly on the high bluff, meditating while admiring the open Sea with its body of water richly colored in many hues of blues and greens. I was reminded of the statement made by John L. Stephens in commenting about this very same scenic view more than a century before me.

"The city no longer keeps watch; the fiat of destruction has gone out against it, and in solitude it rests, it remains an abode of silence and desolation."


"This is Lester. Remember when you used to go sit under the trees at the

Lakefront? (Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans) That is what this reminds me of, but you never do things like this any more.

You shouldn't try to feel anything except acceptance while being here. This place has much history but none first hand for you or for Hud . You have evolved since you were here last and there will be more acceptance on your part. When you get to the central regions where you lived before, you will receive even greater sensations.

"This is Michael. I must say that it is hard for me to let Lester write first, but I guess I must be polite even on "this side". You are feeling free now and it is wonderful for you and Hud to be making this trip together because you will find a common bond between the two of you. You were meant to be together during this Life in order to do it "right" this time. This journey will help immensely to alleviate some of your current conflicts. There was such a strong love between the two of you when you were both here in the Yucatan during previous lives. This is the reason why you feel the way you do about him now. You were given this life to enjoy, so love each other. Everyone will be overjoyed in your togetherness and love.

This place, as you don't need me to tell you, is old and has much history. However, it is very unique to the rest of the Yucatan. You came from the cen-tral-most area and that is where you will feel the people who were most close to you . During the time you were here in the past, this was far, far away and a long distance to travel in those days. The practices and customs were different also. The culture was even a little strange in how you lived and believed.

Take some deep breaths and rest and let Hud write."


"This is Lester. You are learning to meditate well. You will come to know more in time which will help to answer some questions you are puzzled by. "You and Elaine will get to see more interesting thin-

gs during this trip. Keep your mind open and we will let in the light and love."

The Pyramid ruins have been an attraction to hundreds of thousands of people over the past centuries. Indeed, there are "ruins", not yet discovered. Upon entering the ancient city of Tulum, we were approached by a native guide, but I dismissed him in favor of reading the brochures I had collected. Later, we found that a guide offers delightful conversation with added information. Tulum is a Toltec term for "Walled City" which originates back to 1200 A.D. The fallen and reconstructed structures show strong Toltec influences such as flat roofs and plumed serpent columns. The Toltec people were known historically as a later tribe than the Maya. The most aspiring construction is the Castle or better known as "El Castillo".

Since this was our first Pyramid encounter we wanted to read about the culture of the Maya. An interesting revelation which was going to become even more significant to us was the Spiritual belief of the Maya. The Indians believed that the world came to an end every 52 years which coincided with their 52 year calendar cycle. In celebrating this "end" and its subsequent rebirth, the Indians put out all fires, canceled all debts, and renovated their pyramids by making them even higher and more elegant structures.

This was accomplished by constructing another layer of blocks over the whole existing structure of the older buildings, much like a shell covering the old. Apparently, this happened at least once and possibly twice at Tulum.

Upon leaving Tulum, our roadway continued along a coastal drive until we veered westward pursuing our journey on through the inland regions of the district of Quintana Roo. The road then veered South as we took in new aspects of the Yucatan Peninsula. Our first stop was early afternoon for a lunch break in the village of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. We first refueled and were directed to a particular Ristorante for its excellent cuisine. Of course there were no other strangers (Tourists) so we were presented with a very nice lunch in the best dining facility available. We noted the various stuffed animals which were mounted along the walls. Included, were some particularly large and menacing jaguars. Elaine asked the waitress if the animals were from the immediate area. We were told, no, that they came from further South around the region West of Chetumal. Of course that was precisely the area we were entering upon in our next day's trek in seeking the Ruins of Kohunlich.

CHETUMAL Wednesday 26th 5:00 p.m. arrival

We drove into the City looking for the Hotel El Presidente. We had anticipated having reservations awaiting us, but no such luck. The Desk clerk stated that they had not received our notice from the Hotel Casa Maya as I had requested before leaving Cancun. We, therefore, proceeded on to the Hotel Continental which had also been recommended as a superior place for lodgings. We concluded that the room accommodations, after reviewing several, were all the same. Each of the rooms were bad, windowless, souring odors, musty, mildewed, and dirty. Really, quite bad. We decided to let the air-conditioning unit run, hopefully to cleanse the air more so than to chill the room. We went out to see the town.

Chetumal, the capital of the state of Quintana Roo, is a “free port” designation located approximately 230 miles south of Cancun. It is promoted as a shopping paradise where imported goods from all over the world are sold tax-free. Downtown Chetumal has wide boulevards. The Town Square has gardens which look out over the ocean. The city of 90,000 inhabitants had been rebuilt twice, following devastating hurricanes in 1942 and 1955. Upon learning this little tidbit of information I joked that Chetumal must be a sister City to New Orleans because of the hurricane activity.

The town was actually most disappointing. After having driven seven hours to get there, it was devastating. Elaine, an avid Shopper, couldn't find a single item to strike her fancy.

Since we were in the downtown section of Chetumal, we wandered around in search of a lounge or cantina to get a drink. Finding none at hand, we asked a sidewalk vendor for directions. He replied that it was still the Siesta Hour and that most places would not open until 6:30 p.m. But, he pointed out explicit directions in Spanish directing us to a Cantina that would have drinks and even music. We walked as directed, off the main thoroughfare for two blocks. We found a rather dingy bar with a dozen or so patrons in the place. Upon making a path into the so called "lounge", we meandered through an array of empty tables. A woman promptly scurried up to us. In Spanish, she told me that we could not be seated there but that we could go down the block to another establishment. The implication seemed to be that she was suggesting that the place might be too rowdy for us to remain there. I mistakenly made a jest to Elaine claiming that the woman said that Elaine was not welcome to stay.

Elaine readily demonstrated that she didn't like my joke as she scolded the waitress and told her where to go for refusing us a drink? Of course, the woman couldn't understand English, but she did understand Elaine's gestures. The woman pointed out another Bar down the block that would welcome us. We went back out passing a few store fronts. From behind us we heard noises attracting our attention from a couple indicating that we had passed up the Cantina.

We turned heel and entered the drinking hole called the Cantina Reservado. It appeared to be more like a luncheonette. A waitress took our order for "dos tragos de ginebra con hielo", which of course translates to two Gin on the Rocks. I noticed a table of four men at a table near the doorway which we had entered. They were all looking at Elaine. Needless to say, it would be unquestionable for them not to be eyeing her sensual beauty. With a little scrutiny, I realized that the cantina actually adjoined the first establishment that we had entered. Then I noticed that the same woman who refused us service was behind the bar mixing our drinks.

Elaine pulled out her Tablet, while I was puzzling over the circumstance of the waitress's very peculiar actions. Many neighborhood places in most communities have a tavern next to an adjoining lunch room. Why hadn't the waitress just escort us to this side rather than give us false directions? Elaine finished scribbling on her tablet and motioned me to read the statement.


"This is Lester. You're in trouble! Get your drink, you could be set-up in

here. You are. Go back to the block where the Hotel Presidente is.

There, where there are some shops. GO NOW! YOU ARE IN DANGER!

You did have a room at the Presidente Hotel and someone else took it. They lied!

As soon as I read the above, I immediately paid the tab for the drinks upon being served. We quickly tossed down our gins and scampered for the door as tidily as we could follow Lester's orders. Once outside, we unfalteringly marched back the two blocks to Lester's declared safety zone.

When Elaine gets the "itch" to write, her right arm or hand will tingle from Lester's demand for attention. In this case, she exclaimed that her arm was actually cramping in its demand to Write. In the mean time we had both covered our nervousness with bravado. We then realized that Michael has saved us from possible harm.

In rehashing the experience, Elaine stated that the "friendly" couple had to cross the street to the doorway of the Bar that we were being directed to enter. They seemed to appear out of nowhere and then disappeared once more.

We then shopped for some candles which Elaine suggested would cleanse the air at the Hotel Room. With my haltering command of Spanish, I inquired at a Pharmacy for Candles and the clerk stated that he had none but other types of stores would have them. I further asked him to translate the correct Spanish term for candles, and he reassured me that it was "candelas". We asked at two more places for "candelas" but they didn't seem to understand me. We went to another (Farmacia) Pharmacy and asked in Spanish for "candelas". The storekeeper indicated that he didn't understand the request. So, upon repeating "candelas" and receiving no affirmative response, I commenced singing "Happy Birthday" while holding up three fingers. Upon completing the song, I blew out my finger tips. All the customers laughed. This elicited a fitting response, and the clerk stated that the correct translation for candles was "bellas". However, they had no bellas. Therefore I picked up some incense while Elaine gathered up a pair of panties and a few other items. We decided not to go back to the Hotel to change clothes for the evening because of the stench in the Room.

We went back to the first Hotel and sat out front sipping a fruit drink. While complaining about the other hotel's accommodations we compared them to another bad experience. That incident was in Virginia Beach. The hotel was located just across the street from the Edgar Cayce Foundation headquarters.

Elaine giggled in remembering that situation. I had made reservations for three days during the July 4th week of 1984. The room was so filthy that we had to cancel our stay after one night. Afterwards, the poor Desk Clerk was literally chewed out, up and down, by the Hotel Manager for letting us out of our committed stay. She then berated us and harangued us in an attempt to get me to pay another seventy dollars for one more day. Although we had planned to remain in Chetumal for two days we realized that we would only remain the one night. We decided that we would leave Chetumal early the next morning. Our Hotel conveniences were at the Tourist rate of $18,500 pesos per day. Actually that was less than $20.00. We would gladly have paid whatever price in return for proper smelling quarters.

Wednesday 26th -- 9:30 p. m. – Dinner at la Caribe Restaurante -

We ordered Tacos Orientales and Caracol Al Pekin. Elaine inquired about the use of the word Oriental in the Menu, I wasn't wearing my reading glasses at the moment and explained to Elaine that in Spanish, the term oriental is frequently used in describing anything that was directionally East.

Elaine displayed one of her penetrating glares of consternation and doubt. Rather than confuse her with further explanation, I put on my glasses to prove my point but I encountered the frequent use of the term "Oriental" in the cuisine selections of the Menu. I then apologized for my rare mistake and proclaimed that the Menu blatantly stated that we were now seated in the "Best", "Most Recommended", "Five Star" Restaurant in Chetumal. Furthermore, the Menu ordained that it was, indeed, a Cantonese Restaurant called "La Caribe". She then enjoyed making fun of my embarrassment, as for once, I was absolutely and totally wrong.

In surveying the restaurant, I realized that we were once more, the only customers in the place. This benefitted us with all the attentions from the waiter, the bus boy and the bartender. We were laughing about something which caused the waiter to come to our table. He asked if we had a problem, but I assured him that nothing was wrong and that we were just having fun.

Elaine discretely took out her Tablet. She always had concern if someone might attempt to read over her shoulder. Even if they couldn't read English, they certainly were not able to read the stylized connective spirit-writings without experience and very close scrutiny.

Elaine (The panties purchased earlier in the day came to her mind with the urge to write)

"This is Lester. You bought children's underwear. Look at the label marking, you will see."

To prove the point, I went out to fetch the bag containing her panties. I gave her the bag.

She secretively opened it under the table and read the label in Spanish. Para Ninos. The translation was For Children. I commented that I didn't know that Lester could read Spanish. Then, Elaine pushed the pen and pad to me.

Hud (Having concern for Elaine, I was thinking about the food quality. My hand responsively began . . .)

"This is Lester. You need not worry about the food. No problem for either of you.

There is no M.S.G."


"This is Michael. You and Hud asked the question about finding yourselves in a past life. It will help the two of you to believe. It does not hurt anyone to understand what has happened before. The two of you will become closer because of it. Elaine, I like it when you are here (on "this side"), but I enjoy seeing you there (on the "other side"). I like to see you so happy and you do spread a lot of joy for us here, so does Hud .

"Tomorrow you will have a nice time, but don't dress warm. Put lotion on Hud tonight, he really isn't feeling well. I know we talk a lot about your health, but if you get sick, it will just put everything on hold. This evening take your shower and write to us.

"I want to explain to you about the hotel today. It really was with intention that your reservation was canceled. This is our trip. We are happy that you felt your arm today, because when you decided to go there, that was not part of the plan. Just as you can change things along the way, for good or for bad, then, that is an example of the bad. The Hotel was foretold that a beautiful Gringo girl was coming. This is a port city which is very likely to have someone kidnap Americans for ransom money."

Therefore, I had your reservation pulled. But don't be alarmed."

We left the Restaurant quite pleased and comfortable, but dreaded to have to go to our dingy, stinking room.

Again, we tried finding candles but to no avail. We ended up buying a spray can of air freshener in the event the incense didn't work. When we got back to the room the odor was still very foul even with the Air Wick that the bell boy kindly prepared. We awakened several times during the night to spray renewed fragrance to counter the awful odors. It helped a little. I couldn't get the incense to burn, so the Spray was all we had. It was chemical warfare against the foul odors of heavy mildew.

Thursday 27th -- 8:00 a.m. Thanksgiving Day

We had a wonderful breakfast at the Hotel El Presidente and then waited the return of Helmie Atarie, the Travel Agent. On the evening before, we had requested that he arrange hotel reservations at our next scheduled stops in Merida and Chichen-Itza. We also decided to request changes in our return flight schedules to New Orleans. Elaine

"This is Lester. Buy a new shirt before you go, and change on the way. It will be

hot, hot, but it will be O.K.

"Michael is here. (He went into a further explanation about the danger messages

given the day before at the saloon we had been delivered from.)

"That place yesterday is a typical "work with a group" place. First the guy sends you there and then you get put out. Then, the couple across the street motioned you as if they were people you could befriend. This way, it appeared legitimate. They were hoodlums. They had planned to take you and rob you and maybe rape you in the back room. That is why Lester said, Get out, Now! You acted like a Pro when you took that Pen to writing.

"The other Hotel was bad, but you didn't get reservations saved at this Hotel (El Presidente) because you were late in arriving. There are some things we can't do, but we can bring the forces to bear in order to help you survive. I did not want to see you back on the road to go looking for another place to stay the night. I am glad that you came here but we could have skipped this Chetumal visit.

“But, it will be good to see the ruins because they are even older than those of Tulum. Because there are not many Tourists that come here, the Ruins are in worse shape. This will also be a practice run for the main Ruins. Let's write today again when you get there.

"You get so tired when writing. When more of your psychic powers start flowing, you won't have to write it all out. Yesterday, you knew what Lester had said and you didn't have to read it back. When you come to know something then all you need do is to start confirming it when you understand what I convey."

Upon leaving Chetumal, we drove westward to Kohunlich continuing with our pilgrimage to find new pyramids not yet conquered by us. We continued onwards with apprehension as to whether this might be the area to which we were destined.

The road was good, but we were running low on gas. Any quantity less than a three quarter tank full was considered low. I knew that we should have gassed up before leaving Chetumal but now I was eagerly looking for fuel. If gasoline had not been available soon, I would have had to return to Chetumal rather than continuing on to Kohunlich.

I didn't have a comfortable feeling and loudly questioned why our Guides hadn't reminded me to fill up prior to this morning's departure. Immediately following this outcry we came upon a PEMEX station. We found it in a small town called Ucum, just twenty minutes out of Chetumal. I proclaimed to Elaine that the Guides, Lester and Michael, must know what they were doing after all.

Feeling better since gassing up, I realized that if the town was big enough for a Gas station then maybe it would have a Telephone terminal also. We asked, and yes, the attenHud t pointed out a public telephone antennae two blocks down.

In small villages, it was a blessing to find a Public telephone. The villagers were too poor to have private or personal telephones. The Public Telephone system was an education for us. It reminded me of the movie with Sissy Spacek, who operated a public phone plug board in one room of her lodgings. In this case there was the Mexican lady with her small, diapered child clinging to her while a group of patrons waited to have there calls expedited. The Mexican villagers were standing in line with their many family members. They probably anticipated putting in their two words on the caller's tab. It seemed like we were not going to be able to place our call very soon so we left, and continued on the road to the ruins.

Along the drive we hit our first real traffic hazard. TOPES, they were called Topes, pronounced taw-pezz. These speed control bumps could easily damage an automobile if driving over 5 miles an hour. However, many times, the road warning signs were non-existent and caused severe jostling when crossing them in excess speeds. The destructive cannon-balls were only half buried into the roadway. In many instances they were more like rock boulders standing guard in the road-bed access. In some cases we were forewarned by road signs indicating that we would soon confront the little devils, but like as not, they appeared out of nowhere.

Thursday 27th -- 10 A.M . The KOHUNLICH Ruins

Kohunlich is a Mayan ceremonial center covering a 55 acre site cut out of a dense tropical jungle. The passage-way is a narrow road penetrating the jungle foliage at the beginnings of the Rain Forests of the Yucatan peninsula. Just within walking distance is the Guatemalan border. A group of newly found ruins have recently been discovered and, even as yet, not fully explored or penetrated.

Upon our arrival at Kohunlich, Elaine wanted to find lavatory accommodations. Of course there were no such sanitary services. She would have liked a Coca Cola at that moment, but there wasn't even water.

Deciding to explore the area, I affixed my "Crocodile Dundee" knife to my belt for remembering the conversation of the day before regarding jaguar territory. Well this was it! But, I wasn't going to remind Elaine about it. After all, no toilets, no cokes, no people! Who needs jaguars?

We braved the jungle path and passed some of the ruins to seek out the most significant temple. There was no guide, so we proceeded to select on our own which was the most likely monument to explore. Gigantic stone walls towered out of the jungle surrounding the pyramids. We singled one out which appeared to be more significant than the others. It consisted of a tomb with chambers inside. Enormous masks with great detail had been carved into the stucco covering the structure. Apparently, this temple had just recently been cleared of Jungle growth, so we set our minds to climb it. The steps were not nearly as steep as others we have climbed, but we still took our time to cautiously make its ascent. Nor was it as high as some pyramids by comparative standards. Up, up, up we went! Elaine was a good trooper. She finally reached the top, rested, and took out her Tablet.


"This is Lester. Take your time. You should be careful. Take all of your pictures.

We know you and Hud have no significant feelings here, but it is good to sense the

difference for when you get to the other pyramids.

You will come to those soon, which is where you were together in a previous life. You will know the difference.

"This is Michael. You are getting close to nature and that is an important feeling that you should learn to develop. Your earthly love needs a lot of improvement. If you stop and think of it, your plants at home get no love from you. You only want plants for scenery and decorations. You would not feel badly at all, if you went home and your plants were dead. Stop for now and go listen to that man".

While Elaine had been seated on the steps above me I noticed an old gent who obviously was not Mexican. He was attempting to climb the pyramid staircase straight upwards. I went down half way to intercept him and was prepared to assist in the event he needed my aid. explained that he should walk up the pyramid steps by taking each step somewhat side ways moving first in the direction to the right and when reaching the end of that corner to take an about face. Then, continue taking step by step upwards while pacing off to the left until then meeting the edge on the other side. The idea was to walk up snake like, first right, then left. Other wise walking straight upwards was too tiring and could cause dizziness or disorientation. A person could actually fall or even get a heart failure if not proceeding cautiously.

The old gentlemen thanked me for the courtesy and information. He related that he was an attorney from Ohio. Elaine connected with us and he introduced himself as Mr. Calder. He had his shirt off and stated that he was 72 years old and had traveled extensively and frequently to and throughout Mexico. He was pondering why he had this feeling for Mexico and we told him that we believed in reincarnation and that perhaps he had past-life activity in the areas he was seeking. He was curious about our beliefs so we amplified our conversation to explain that we were in the process of seeking out past-life information. We further permitted him to know that we were following the directions planted by Milly and her Grandfather. He inquired of us as to how might he secure more information about such metaphysical programs. To this, I suggested that he look in the yellow pages from his home-town or during any of his travels in the States. It appeared that he wanted to establish a personal quest of his own.

Following his departure we took photos of the great sculptured masks and the excavated holes burrowing down from the top of the Tomb. Neither one of us ventured to explore the bowels of the Temple.

Strolling back to the automobiles, Mr. Calder was about to drive off in his Volkswagen. He stopped to thank us for the earlier conversation.

On nearing his vehicle, we read signs in Spanish, German, and English which stated, "BEWARE OF POISONOUS SNAKES".

The old man stated, that whenever he made a foreign trip, he would protect his vehicle from burglars by way of his warning signs. He even had snake traps and other such gear readily visible through his car windows. He laughed and stated that it was all fake. He used imaginary vipers and trappings only to insure security from invasion by pillagers who might seek to steal something from his automobile. He chuckled, "It works every time."

On the road again.

We drove back through Ucum and then northward to Bacalar, which is known for its Lagoon of Seven Colors. Also, in the area is a fresh water pool known as the Cenote Azul which is located in the middle of a forest . This is a very wide and deep well with magnificent blue waters providing a magnificent scenic view. We drove through the area exploring other beautiful inland lakes The Laguna Bacalar, had exciting colors of greens and blues. It is one of the more scenic water ways in the area. Overlooking the beaches of the Lake are splendid houses, reminding me of the televised scenes from "The Rich and Famous". We came upon a small hotel with lovely lodgings called the Hotel Laguna. It would have been an ideal place to have stayed the night before, rather than in downtown Chetumal. We took pictures of the beautiful gardens and landscape while ambling down to the shore of the Lagoon.

Thursday 27th -- 2 P.M. On the Road once more

We stopped in the town of Jose Maria Morelos for lunch. While waiting we enjoyed watching the many squealing piglets running the streets after mama pig. We relaxed and savored the music being played on the cassette tape player. I asked the waitress if I could buy their tape copy but they refused. Instead, they offered to write down the name of the tape which I later sought to purchase in another town. It was an electrifying song called "Exito Pobre Diablo," by Juan Torres. We tried to find the tape later, but to no avail. Following our lunch break we continued our drive to Merida, which proved to be a much longer trip than anticipated.

Passing another hour on the road, we proceeded through one of the many small villages. Observing a crowd of people waiting to get into the Cathedral, I suggested to Elaine that I would like to stop and visit. She readily agreed. As we knelt in a pew near the back, the Catholic mass began over the roar of at least a hundred infants crying in unison. I could hardly hear what the Priest was saying. Finally, I was able to discern that he was performing baptismal ceremonies. The Priest was actually calling out each child's name and anointing each by submerging their tiny head into a pale of water carried by an altar boy. Realizing that the ritual would continue on for some time, we escaped to the car to continue on our way.

It seemed that we had to slow down every few minutes because of the numerous towns we had to go through. We eventually noted that there was a ritual to the approach of each town. A distinct pattern formed. On the open road we would cruise at 120 kilometers, we would slow down for Topes bumps, we would enter a village, then we would make a right turn at the Cathedral, then a left at the end of the Town Square, then, straight for 3 or 4 blocks before gaining speed once more.

To break the boredom, I added a variation to the then established routine. Prior to exiting each town, I stopped at a Cantina to pick up two bottles of cervesa Superior with lime slices stuffed in the openings. Toasting to each other with a Salud, we then proceeded to the next village. However, we didn't collect a beer at every town, otherwise we would have been completely inebriated at destiny's end.

Thursday 27th -- 7 P.M. – Merida, Mexico

Arriving in Merida, we immediately checked in our Hotel room. We bathed the day's trip off of ourselves and dressed in more formal attire. I escorted Elaine to the Dining Room of the rather sumptuous Holiday Inn Hotel. The Thanksgiving Day Supper was superb. It was definitely the finest and most sumptuous preparation that was served since leaving New Orleans.

We discussed venturing out, however, we were too tired from driving all day. Elaine's neck suffered aches and pains from the steady pounding, swaying, and jerking from the trip. We decided to end further celebrations for the evening. We both prescribed an early retirement. The room was impeccably clean and we were glad for a pleasant place to stay.

Elaine taking out her tablet

"This is Lester. This has been a very long day for the two of you. Doing what you

and Hud did was necessary and will bring you closer to nature. This is what you

need, Elaine.

"This is Michael. I wish for the two of you to start higher levels of meditation sooner or later on this trip. Put the meditation tape in the cassette player and sit somewhere calmly and relax and breath deeply. You have yet to take the time to repose and just meditate. The ruins today were just practice for the real thing. Don't force yourselves to go or do or say anything you don't want to. This will not give you the true sense of feeling which we promised. The man today, (Mr. Calder from Ohio) was just an interesting soul and yes he will probably start on a quest to find information. He has been curious for a long time as to why his interest in Mexico and other pyramids has been peaked.

The two of you need to relax and ask questions like today in the car; but not at night when you are so tired. Also, Elaine, sit up when you prepare for longer periods of time to write. Then we can communicate better in extended sessions which will allow me to write a lot more. Eventually I will speak to you, also. So be ready to start receiving my messages mentally."


"This is Michael. You don't need to hesitate or restrain yourself. Let me do the

writing. Relax, Let me talk. You are too tense.

"This is Lester. You are just tired. Do not try now."

Friday 28th -- Merida 9:30 a.m.

We just completed a buffet breakfast in the Holiday Inn Hotel. I had showered and dressed early this morning. I related to Elaine that I had reconfirmed our departure flight for return to New Orleans on Sunday rather than on Monday.


"This is Michael. Yes, we are here with you. I will talk first, so we can get

something settled. The rest of the trip should be fine. That first part was a little

testy. Ask Hud his questions. He is full of them."

(I had muddled over some questions running through my mind about Chakras. During idle moments I had been reading one of Leadbeater's books. Another question was regarding the ruins at Uxmal and Chichen Itza. I wanted the Spirit Guides to direct our selection, since Uxmal was South and Chichen was East towards Cancun. I wanted to know which site was more significant for us from past-lives.)

"This is Michael. You can do both, but it will be more tiring to satisfy your mind.

You should do both because you want to go there. Maybe you will feel something

there now.

Elaine, you won't faint or anything. Milly made it sound like you or Hud would become sick. However, you will definitely succumb to strong feelings during this trip. You will see. It is not necessary that you receive strong sensations, but again you wanted to know about it now. If you wait a while longer, you will have a better understanding of what is yet to unfold.

About Chakras. This can be bad for you if you don't know how to tap in properly to one or the other. It could be serious if you don't understand fully how to navigate through the internal cosmos. They all interconnect, yet, they are separate and apart from each other."

(I asked another question. I wanted to know if the excerpts that I had taken from one of Milly's books should be sent to her for her restatement and clarification. I was confused by some of her material. Having an open mind as requested, is one thing, but mentally massaging the concepts became somewhat difficult.)

"This is Michael. Elaine, you should also read some of the philosophy from Milly's book as Hud has. But, Hud , continue to read it to Elaine for her comments. Milly would appreciate your response to her book, also ask her to comment on your questions. At another time I would like to interpret her philosophy to you. But again, time is time and now you have other things to do. At the moment, you need to take advantage of what there is to see. Call your home, Elaine."

We strolled around El Zocalo, the main Square in the center of the town. We walked all over the area and picked up the car from the parking lot to go to El

Mercado, the market place. We passed by a beautiful

colonial Hotel called The Calinda where we decided to drop

in for a couple of drinks. The Hotel has a very beautiful and

arts and culture filled courtyard where we took some

pictures. We seated ourselves at the pool-side Cabaret

indulging in a couple of drinks while enjoying the many illusive exotic

birds. Elaine pulled out her tablet.


"This is Lester. I did not talk to you this morning but I wanted to. No that was not us at the pyramid yesterday. If we ever appear, we will warn you first. I would have come to see you dressed better than that, and if ever you see Michael, you will truly fall in love. He is so handsome and you would know him immediately. I still want to talk but Michael wants to write too. He is always waiting. He is busy too, but you come first.

"This is Michael. You get an umbrella and go to the market to get it. It will be cheaper there, but you and Hud will enjoy shopping at the market. It is very crowded, so don't carry that purse with you and have the oil checked in the car before you get on the road tomorrow. At the market you will see some people that knew you before in a past life. You are not looking directly into the faces of these people as you should. Elaine, don't be so timid. Talk to them if you can, and be there to look at them. You do not make yourself aware of what is around you. Hud looks at the people, but you don't. Please try, we will watch over you, They will be nice. I'll write again later."


"This is Lester. Yes, we will be able to answer more questions at the end of this trip about who we are and the philosophical answers you are seeking. We will be able to visit you and Elaine once you learn to meditate in order to see our vibrations. The book you are presently reading will give you thought directions in order to tap into more of the energy forces surrounding you and we will be able to communicate better.

I gathered up a local Spanish newspaper which portrayed an interesting bit about the town of Merida. It described the ancient city of Tho as one of the significant Mayan cities built in 1542. Of significance, it now rests beneath the reconstructed City of Merida which rose from the ruins below it. Today it is rich with its historic culture and has a very relaxing tone. Merida is a geometrically planned city which has odd numbered streets running North to South and the even numbered streets crossing in perpendicular intersections with the odd numbers. Such a marked grid system of street names makes it very easy for local citizens to get around, but Tourists like us are inclined to get quite confused. Merida is the Hub from which a traveler can explore the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Labna, and Kabah. The historical past can be seen in its architecture, its monuments, and in its parks and narrow streets.

Friday 28th -- 8 p.m. On dining for the Evening

I inquired from the girl at the Tourist desk for directions to a place of Fine dining. She recommended that we go to La Gourmet, a small French cuisine Restaurant. However, as the evening proceeded, neither the food nor the service was satisfying. What can really satisfy two spoiled Orleanians? Afterwards, we stopped at the Hotel Bar for drinks but we were too tired to enjoy them. Up to bed we went. By this time, we were criticizing ourselves as old fogies who were in recess from dancing and enjoying nightlife activities that were normal to our usual way of life. But, on re-examination, we realized the trying pace we had tackled. If nightlife was what we really wanted, then we should have stayed in Cancun. Or, better yet, we could have just remained in New Orleans. We were here to delve into new adventures and new situations as they developed along the way. In reality, we were letting it happen in an unplanned manner. We didn't ask ourselves what was next. We didn't even ask Lester and Michael to provide us with a travelogue. We simply let the experiences evolve from one aspect to the next.

Saturday 29th -- 9:25 a.m.

Rising early we packed. Elaine was not feeling too well so I packed for her. We dawdled through a Buffet breakfast in the Hotel dining room. Elaine came alive after a second cup of coffee.

Elaine took out her tablet.

"This is Michael. Get on the road early. There will be a lot of towns to slow you

down and you will want to spend ample time at the pyramids. You are very curious.

Elaine, I am proud of you, and Hud also, for not drinking too much on this trip. In

this way you will remember and reflect on your feelings of the different areas. Hud

is doing well with his Psychic development.

I want you to read some of those books but not that one, There are other books we

can work with, but it is not necessary now. You and I have much to say to each

other and learning about Chakras could be like sitting in school. You can start, but

your thoughts are so filled with other things. You will be very busy when you get

back home. Even here, on this side, you always did hundreds of things at the same

time. That is good, but we must make other progress."

Upon finishing breakfast, we readied ourselves for check-out. I was looking forward to making the drive to Chichen Itza which was only 75 miles directly east of Merida. However, the road trip proved to be a slow drive with many bumpy Topes along the way to slow us down. Michael was right in his projection. It was a long 75 miles.

Saturday 29th -- Noon – Chichen Itza

We arrived in Chichen-Itza to find our reservation at the Hotel Club Med had been confirmed. We went up to our room to find that it was just too small and cramped. Upon asking the Desk Clerk for better accommodations, he stated that all the rooms were the same and that was that. Rebuffed by his attitude, we drove down the lane to the Hotel Mayaland which was an ancient and palatial manor. It was an old, traditional Mansion. We were given keys for a room to examine. Instinctively, we committed to it because of its spaciousness and the awe inspiring view from the veranda. There was no air conditioning, however. That was fine, because the weather was superb. There were ample breezes and a ceiling fan to make it most satisfying for our needs.

We returned to the Hotel Club Med and turned in our key to cancel our reservation. Another Desk Clerk told us that he did indeed have an exceptional room for us had we but asked. We repeated to him what the other clerk had said as he dutifully apologized for his staff member's comments. Since he was so nice and it was closing on 2:00 p.m., we decided to lunch in the Club Med Dining Room. We shared a Ham and Cheese sandwich before proceeding on to the Pyramids.

Elaine (pulling out her tablet once more.)

"This is Lester. Finally, we are here. This is where we were coming to all along. You really wouldn't have liked this hotel, but where you are staying will be more than gracious. Play your meditation tapes tonight even if Hud goes to sleep. Daily meditation for you and Hud is essential for your psychic growth."

"This is Michael. You will enjoy the places you are going to visit. Now, I know you will feel something there. Take your time and listen to your Tour guide and don't be rushing along. It is best to do one thing and listen to all of it. This area is for you and Hud . This is where you were before in a past-life. However, you will get mixed emotions from everyone you talk to. Meditate as Lester told you, take your time and don't rush. Have a good time. I know you are starting to get apprehensive. I promise, we are with you at all times."


"This is Lester. Yes, it is good to write to you. Michael will begin to write more and more to Elaine instructing her in her studies. I will help you and also continue with Elaine until your other spirit guides begin to write to you. Yes, I do know you from past-lives and so does Michael. You need to develop your disciplines, such as we discussed on spending more time in meditation. You will encounter thoughts and feelings today and tonight that will lead to more understanding."

Saturday 29th -- Late afternoon

Chichen Itza has three distinctive zones: North of the highway, which is the most popular for tourists; South of the highway; and Old Chichen area. The most widely known and visited structure in this City of Kukulkan is El Castillo, otherwise known as the Castle. We drove from the hotel to the Chichen-Itza parking entrance and were approached by an unsolicited Tour guide who introduced himself as Eddie. He immediately won our favor. He proved to be very informative as he escorted us through the new and old sections of Chichen and on to the Sacrificial Well.

Eddie conducted us into a large quadrangle arena bordered by two long walls. At each end was a circular stone ring. He related that the object of the game was to get the ball through one of the large sculptured rings high up on the wall. Games could last for two or three days and legend had it that the Captain of the losing team was beheaded by the Captain of the winning team. This was considered a holy game and was not participated in by the entire native Indian population. It was restricted to Priestly spectators and high governing officials. Sculptured on the walls were frescos depicting the story of the games as played in ancient Mayan times. Descriptive detail showed the two teams and the decapitated captain in the hands of his victorious opponent.

Along the path to the other sites, Eddie pointed out several Chac Mools

which he described as instruments of Sacrifice during Holy rituals. These were large stone images which had been chiseled into sculptured, sacrificial tables of various shapes. Some were replicas of a reclining Indian whose arms and legs distended to the ground, thereby serving to hold up the table. According to Mayan sacrifices the warrior victim was tied securely atop the table with his arms and legs fastened to the coinciding table's arms and legs.

The High Priest would use a pointed stone to strike downward and hard enough to break the chest cavity. The Priest would then dip his hands into the opened chest to pluck out the heart of the sacrificial victim. The heart was then placed into the carved out bowl which was located near the far end of the Chac Mool.

He showed us the Temple of the Jaguar and described the carvings on the two flanking columns indicating the meanings of the artwork which had Kukulkan sculptures. One column represented a Man and the other represented a Woman separated by a large Jaguar shaped Chac Mool.

We walked out to the rim of the Sacrificial Well. This sacred cenote was used only for religious purposes. Its circumference was quite large approximating a quarter size of a football field. Eddie pointed out that the first exploratory dredging of the Well was in 1890 by the then American Consul General who had acquired the property. A second exploratory event was in 1969. At first, they had attempted to drain it, but the water refilled faster than the emptying process. However, the water became clear enough to bring in Scuba divers who excavated for many valuable treasures. He declared that there were still many more hidden artifacts in the basin. He further explained that the bottom of the well was filled with soft silt. It had been estimated to extend downward another 35 feet or so.

Escorting us up the rim of the basin he pointed out a small stone room on the edge of the well which was used to disrobe and prepare victims for sacrifice. He stated that such sacrifices involved young virgins and certain high priestesses who were compelled to jump. He further explained that they were first drugged in order to induce them to jump to their death on their own volition.

I observed that Elaine had become quite drawn and her eyes glazed over. She tried to hold back her tears as she throbbed quietly. Before she could dwell on the thought any longer, I suggested that we proceed to another area.

Along the way, Eddie pointed out the Temple of the Warriors and the Thousand Columns, showing us that each column had a different sculptured carving of a Warrior. Some were stone replicas of prisoners. Eddie explained how to differentiate between them.

We then proceeded further back to the area known as Old Chichen Itza. There we carefully examined the ancient structure called the Observatory. The intense interest of the Maya in the annual travels of the sun across the sky is evident in many structures at Chichen Itza and other Mayan Sites. The Observatory was a strange round building also known as the Carocal. Several of its windows point towards the equinox sunset and the southernmost and northernmost points on the horizon where Venus rises.

We experienced that almost all of the ruins had a distinct musty smell of the past, still present after more than a 1000 years. Dark portals await those that dare walk through. After walking into one pitch black room a startled meter long iguana charged through my shaking legs and out into the jungle. It felt like a scene from "Indiana Jones." Eddie laughed as I jumped and continued his discourse by telling us that the Maya were the first culture to arrive at the arithmetic expression of "0." This significant discovery allowed their ancient astronomers to estimate exacting distances to the stars and further enabled them to develop mathematically correct calendars. I was astounded by the realization that the Maya had performed such phenomenal mathematical procedures. This was quite an interesting excursion for both of us.

Eddie further elucidated the Mayan culture for us in reviewing their practices and beliefs in Reincarnation. As the World was to end at each cycle completion of 52 years, the Mayan custom was to pay up their debts (Karma); and to make proper retribution (Karma). They participated each new birth cycle on earth by constructing a fresh layer of stone blocks blanketing over existing pyramids. This consequence was effected over and over, again and again, every 52 years.

I was overwhelmed by this perception since it paralleled so closely the concepts that I had been researching in relation to Chakras.

Before leaving us, Eddie relayed that we had 20 minutes to wait for the gates to be unlocked in order to get into the interior of the main pyramid called El Castillo, the Castle. Thanking Eddie for conveying such an informative tour, we proceeded on to the base of El Castillo. Elaine gained enough confidence to walk up approximately fifteen steps of the exterior of the pyramid. However, it was very steep. She turned back down reasoning that there wasn't much challenge in just walking up all of the 91 steps to the top.

On Learning About Pyramids

The massive Kukulcan pyramid called "El Castillo" (the castle) is roughly at the center of the site. Climbing it is quite a challenge and those who make it are rewarded with a spectacular view of the city and surrounding country side. A trip inside the pyramid is quite the opposite. The dark, unbearably humid corridors and chambers are too much for some people.

The construction of the Kukulcan Pyramid at Chichen Itza was planned so that at the beginning of each Vernal Equinox, the dying sun would cast a shadow of a serpent writhing down the steps of the pyramid. Every year over 40,000 people make the trek to the great pyramid to watch in awe as the snake’s diamond backed body slowly appears.

We waited for the inner pyramid entrance to be opened. All of a

sudden Elaine felt faint and stated that she was not up to going inside much further than the first turn in the excavated tunnel. I was determined that I should go on and encounter what was to be. With camera in hand, and more than a little over-anxious and quite alone, I climbed the 62 internal steps. Many thoughts and visions passed across my mind with each step I took through the bowels entombed within the pyramid. The narrow confines of the tunnel were ever going upwards. The pungent warmth was somewhat stifling along with the presence of mustiness as the grinding assent continued. The realization of being alone, combined with haunting feelings of being inside of an ancient temple, hit me. My imagination conjured up many stories as seen in movies about ancient Egypt and mummies and other such horrible thoughts. I became very distressed and developed the urge to turn and take flight back down the steps. The steepness and the narrowness of the excavation began to intensify my spooked sensations. I then wondered what would happen on my descent if someone else would be making the narrow approach upwards at the same time. Traumatic fears replaced my sensibilities as apprehensions increased within me.

One unbridled emotion brought on another. I soon developed a feeling of panic and claustrophobia in addition to a steady tugging and tingling in my spine. Attempting to renew myself with determination, I eventually steadied my nerves and continued up to the topmost level. I felt more than just a little unnerved for the unexpected to happen. A spear of fear pricked my chest as my heart pounded ever increasing in approaching the tomb, alone. I propped up my head detecting a large chamber. Piercing through security bars protecting the altar, was housed a red stone jaguar Chac Mool with green jade eyes. I raised the camera hanging from my neck and depressed the switch for the flash light. I couldn't make the camera work. I said to myself that the trip up was for nought. I developed goose bumps and my adrenalin raced. I turned around to see the dimly lit tunnel dashing downwards very steeply. All of a sudden, I couldn't breath and I had to sit down. My first thought was of Michael and Lester. Were they tricking me? Were they getting even with me for some past-life Karma? All of a sudden I heard a sound from the Tomb behind me. Although I was afraid to look, I forced myself to turn my head. Through the darkness invaded by a dim light I could discern the body of a nude female tied to the Chac Mool. She was laying helpless and unmoving. I closed my eyes and opened them again supposing that I was seeing a vision or perhaps I was hallucinating from the stench and close air. My knees were weak and I couldn't move, but there she was. Blood was coursing down her right arm. I closed my eyes again and felt a warm presence as my throat canted a guttural sound of Ahh-Uhh-OooMmm.

I opened my eyes once more to peek. The vision was gone. I called upon Lester and my Angels and my God to help me. I forced myself to meditate for a few minutes in order to get my excitement level down. I was still seated on the top step. I calmed myself before deciding to make the descent. Attempting to navigate downwards brought on even more feelings of anticipation. Upon turning around to approach the decline I became quite dizzy. I had mixed emotions in wanting to scamper down escaping from the threatening wonder of what was behind me and also the fear of tumbling down in too much haste. Realizing that I had to steady myself, I called upon the Cosmic Forces for reassurance. I regained my composure to continue the trek downwards, but still very much filled with trepidations. Elaine, having waited with anticipation outside, also had become quite anxious and had demonstrated her relief upon seeing me come out of the Pyramid. She shared her concern in my having taken so long and then she noticed that my right arm was bleeding. She wiped the blood off as I exclaimed that I wasn't aware how it happened. I decided not to tell her anything about my "hallucinations?"

On leaving the ruins, we went back to the Hotel. I showered while Elaine sat outside on the veranda waiting to get a drink from room service.


"This is Lester. You can now appreciate what was said to you before you felt that

feeling and it is definitely a strong signal that was given to you. Please rest now

because you have not had enough fluids to drink today and you are feeling it.

Both of us were feeling a bit refreshed after having a Gin and tonic apiece. Elaine and I went down to take some pictures in the gardens and patio. While waiting for the Sound and Light show at the ruins to start, we had a couple more drinks. Having sat next to a young couple from Canada, we encouraged them in conversation. They were in process of celebrating their honeymoon, having taken off for six weeks to the Yucatan. In keeping within their budget, as they departed Cancun they elected to use bus transportation across the wilds. They were having fun and traveling light. In keeping with our fancy, we picked up their drink tab, which they graciously appreciated.

Supper was in a most unique dining-room at the Hotel Mayaland. Across the front wall, up near the ceiling, was a mural characterizing some very interesting concepts of Mexico and the Yucatan in particular. We sat by ourselves getting a little "tight" with renewed drinks and glasses of wine reciprocated by the Canadian newlyweds.

The supper preparations were delightful. Entertainment was provided by two Mexican troubadours who played "string and sing" music from the balcony above. It was truly a fine beginning for the evening.

We returned once more to the Pyramids, proceeding back to the same parking area. The night was quite dark and utterly inviting for a Light show. It was truly fascinating. Elaine took quite a few pictures hoping that the camera was adequately trained to capture the wondrous sights. The Show lasted an hour, after which, we returned to the Hotel Mayaland.

We had looked forward to breezes and fresh air to be flowing through the open veranda to the bedroom. However, no such luck, the evening turned warm and we found, to our dismay, that the ceiling fan didn't work. I scampered down to the Front Desk to ask for support, but the Desk clerk recommended that without an engineer on duty, his best offer was to provide the room next door. That was easy. We didn't have to move anything. The room was adjoining so we simply moved our bodies to the other bedroom and turned on the ceiling fan. Both of us were more than ready to get a good night's rest.

We meditated before Elaine took out her tablet.


"This is Michael. I've just made you write your words apart and eventually you should, but for now in order to communicate faster, we shall continue to connect them. The show was great. What a feeling to be there with you. Hud needs your attention. He came from a school of higher education when he was on "this side." Your mission is to get to know people better. The two of you should relax and take deep breaths, don't talk, and then meditate. We, and I mean Lester and me, loved the evening and the different cultures that were there to see the show. We liked this very much and tomorrow the trip to Cancun will be interesting too. Let's say goodnight. We look forward to seeing you in the morning. Let Hud write, too."

Hud (I had been contemplating about a name for the chronicles of this extrasensory voyage.)

"This is Lester. You need to rest. Yes, "The Divine Tourist" is an appropriate name for your book. You are imaginative and will come up with many provocative names for this book. Your experience in the Pyramid is held in confidence by Michael and me until you are ready to talk about it with Elaine. At this moment it would cause even her bravado to shatter."

SUNDAY 30th -- 9:00 a.m.

Sunday Morning Breakfast at the colonial hotel was most peaceful and delectable. We enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Mayaland and in agreement we decided that it would be nice to go back to spend a couple of days in revisiting Chichen Itza. The weather had been great. The services and the people were a joy. It was unquestionably a great way to end our week of Seeking.

We raised ourselves at 8:00 in the morning and packed everything into our existing luggage. Overall, we did not purchase much, so packing was not really a problem as it usually was when we had taken previous trips.


"This is Michael. We had a ball. The announcer at the Light and Sound show explained a lot of the early Mayan culture and it was beautiful with the light and

sound presentation. We. too, like lights like that. Today, we will go to the town and then home. This trip has meant a lot more than you know. We have a lot of work to do and much to tell you. I know that both you and Hud are curious about some experiences, but we will tell you about it soon.


This is Michael. You are looking for me to talk to you about something significant but that is going to take time. We wanted you to meditate yesterday, before going up into the tomb chambers. We, and your own angels helped you to relax. We will get to work soon, but it takes time. You need to get on the road now.

"This is Lester. Yes, you do need to get on the road and do write up this trip. It will

be something that you can do well and be meaningful to other people later on."

We checked out of the Hotel Mayaland with intentions of going to the Caves of Balancanche which we had missed seeing yesterday. It was on the road to Cancun, but since our Flight was scheduled to leave at 2:15 p.m., we decided to pass it up and save the Caves for another time. Knowing that we had 125 miles of driving in front of us, we elected to press our time on the road.

We recaptured a lot of our visit by reviewing the good and the not so good experiences. We vowed a return trip and planned it more wisely in terms of what to do and what not to do. We concluded on what itinerary would make an ideal trip. We determined that next time we would fly directly to Merida and spend two days. Then we would drive the 75 miles to Chichen Itza to stay for two days. We would then finalize the excursion by driving the 125 miles to Cancun for another two days and then take our return flight to New Orleans. That would combine the experiences of mixed blessings and environments most satisfying to our tastes.

Having made good time on the road, we arrived at Cancun by noon and decided to go right back to the Calypso Beach and Pool Lounge where we requested a resumption of the same drinks which we had just six days prior.

Naturally, the bartender didn't remember us. Again, he gave us two "Slammers" while stating once more, "Welcome to Cancun, these are our house specialties, on-the-house." We noted that our Buck Town T-Shirt was nailed to the ceiling as they had promised. We laughed and took some more pictures. Feeling just right, we went on to the Airport to check in. Not that we were surprised in the least, but the air flight back to New Orleans was delayed an hour and a half.

Realizing that we were tired and a little hungry we tripped up the stairs to the dining facility of the Cancun International Airport. We then proceeded to order something non-Mexican, a Club sandwich backed up with a Chocolate Milkshake.


"This is Lester. You are not comfortable because you need to rest. You will be able to rest on the airplane. Yes, ask Elaine to write. She has a message from Michael."


"This is Michael. Yes, the two of you feel tired but do not buy too many bottles of liquor to take with you.

That will be too many things to carry home. You are physically exhausted. Please rest on the plane and take the lenses out of your eyes so that you will feel better.

This trip was worth a lot to you, in the amount of years you need to catch up in studies. When you go home it is necessary that you strive to attain better discipline. Not for just a short while.

Every night you need to read and learn to develop. The two of you need some fresh vegetables immediately. You have those black and blue spots due to lack of vitamins. You have narrowly escaped being sick here. Your mind over matter has worked, but when you practice this constantly, you need to rest the mind just like you recharge your batteries. Your concentration is becoming better and better. This is very good because we will have to communicate some times under stress. Please continue to write. Hud is doing very well also!"

Sunday 30th -- 4 p.m. – Delayed return aboard Flight #427 from Cancun to Houston.

We immediately dozed off in slumber. Feeling as if we had just fallen asleep, we felt a hand nudging us, it was the stewardess announcing our arrival in Houston. As expected, we waited in the long holiday weekend lines to process through Customs baggage claims. But unforeseen, we missed our scheduled flight to New Orleans. Tired and annoyed, we then had to fight through lines of other furious and frustrated people trying to get their next flight out. It was then that we became aware that we were back in Reality World.

Sunday 30th -- 8 p.m. On Board a re-scheduled Continental Flight #164 on our way back to New Orleans while feeling upset for being herded into boxcars of commercial air travel.


"This is Lester. Yes, you should continue to support who you believe in govern

ment. That's an important ingredient in judging people. You should look into what

it would do to affect your beliefs in the Health network concept.

Also, what you and Elaine need to do is to support the same persons . You don't need anything else to fight about and divide your energies. You will find more things in common as we move along with our studies and research. Your interest in going to Washington should be confirmed and this will crystalize your thinking to provide some mutual support for someone's political gain."


"This is Lester. We will be home soon. We were not meant to be on this plane and

that is why mentally you had accepted the fact to go to the other gate but we are fine

and Michael is here too.

"This is Michael. I like it much better when you stay home and are predictable. This trip was work for us too. But we need to do this sort of thing. Please go on more trips. I was just saying this was busy for us to keep you out of Hud ger and away from angry people. You have great boldness inherited from the way you were in past lives. You always knew where you were and could have protected yourself against anything, but Lester and I just like to watch over you and Hud . He is getting very good with his writing. Let's go home and write later. Take some deep breaths. Your head hurts from the lack of oxygen and you are not used to the smoke filled air."


"This is Lester. You are tired. Do not write any more!"

In Retrospection

Elaine and I had taken many photos during the trip — several hundred to be sure. The week following, Elaine asked if there was something that I wanted to tell her regarding any happening. I said no, to which she pulled out the photos that she had picked up that same day. We drank a couple of glasses of red wine while I flipped through the pictures of the “Ruins” of Tulum, Kohunlich, and Chichen Itza. Towards the end of the last pack were several pictures which I realized had prompted Elaine's questioning me in regards to a happening. These were photos which only I could have taken when I was inside the Great Pyramid, El Castillo. There, clearly displayed, was a picture of a green-eyed Jaguar Chac Mool. I carefully examined it. What had prompted Elaine's question was the pool of blood on the Chak Mool and on the floor. She had remembered that I had blood on my arm when I had exited the bowels of the Pyramid.

What she didn't know and I have never ever revealed to her, was that the photograph actually had to be taken from close-up. The picture did not show the netting of security bars which were designed to restrain tourists from having access to the Jade eyes piercing from the Jaguar. I stared at the picture realizing that I had no memory of taking it and that it seemed that it would have been impossible for me to take the picture without having access to the sacrificial room atop the Pyramid.

Slowly, goose bumps raised on the back of my neck and my scalp squeezed tightly, causing me to feel every root of hair on my head. I breathed heavily and my heart started pumping upwards through my temples. For the first time since returning, I recalled the bleeding that I had coursed down my right arm. Then, I remembered my vision of the beautiful young Virgin being surgically impaled by the High Priest. I reasoned then, that Elaine was the High Priest from a past-life.

Was this what Milly was all about? Had Karma run its course?

Incarnate Knowledge

In exploring one's life through travel, No one knows what travails will unravel. Seeking here from those from "over there", Questing; yonder, thither, and everywhere.

What, when the Soul dost not remember, And Karma dictates one must surrender; Meditations with Spirits who chance confide, By revealing ventures from the "Other Side."

— Dan Ellis