Vanity Alive

Vanity Alive

     Exciting for a certainty, once you encounter a glimpse of Vanity.  Her animal demeanor massages and penetrates every fibre of your mentality.  Stimulating and emotion stirring is but mildly put when once contact is made with this beguiling woman.  As you begin to perceive that she is within nearness, your basic metabolism causes your bestial loins to pound and throb in an ever changing rhythmic beat.

     Vanity's indescribable beauty tantalizes your soul as your mind becomes bewildered and astounded by uncontrolled emotions.  Deep within the pit of your stomach, a tumultuous storm gathers to wreak even more havoc upon your sense of balance.

     Vanity is a whisper with hurricane winds that creates upheaval and turmoil deep from within your breast as she impishly grins in conscious knowledge that she has devastated you.  She captivates your imagination more than ever before contemplated.  She knows that she is the prey, who when confronted, actually takes control away from the surrendering predator.

     Vanity causes your breath to sound like waves pounding upon the boulders along the shore as she cuts her path through the timbers of your soul.  As she saunters by in your full vision with her snappy step and strut, her undulating hips strike out with a whiplash that binds your mind and bends your body to seek satisfaction in extricating and calming your vision of wild and pelting passions.

     Vanity stimulates and stirs the juices not yet fully released from your mind, she further entices and arouses all of the particles and tiny bits of nerve endings ensconced within the channels of your carnal spirituality.

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