Steps Without A Tune
Korea and Me
The Other Side
Vanity Alive
Road Rage
Books & Obits
Sexual Puisance
Amazon Books

             The booklets listed above are for your vicarious reading pleasure.  They have remained in my private files and are released to the world, mainly being non-fictional and pertinent to various times of my life.  
Some of these tomes are lifted from personal experiences and enriched by whim or fantasy, and are not discernible except to the writer as to what is real and unreal.  
                            There are other tomes that may be headed with "XX," "XXX," or "XXXXX," for the mature, or "X-minded" reader.
                              Any and All may be copied or printed freely by anyone so interested.  
             Needless to say, if you wish to make a small donation, my PayPal account is posted below.   After my demise, just Toast me.
                             Thanks --- and Enjoy!   Make mine Martini!

Dan Ellis

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