Ladies’ Night Out

     On other occasions I found it convenient to go dancing at the Fontainebleau Hotel.  Thursday nights was “Ladies’ Night Out” at that time in New Orleans.  The women would go shopping, or bowling, or some other activity while their husbands stayed at home.  
     Many great looking women would show up at the Fontainebleau.  It was always packed with some of the classiest women in town.  They would usually go there in pairs or groups which reduced opportunities for any intimate actions for the night.  
     This didn’t bother me because when I went dancing, I wanted to dance — with nothing more than light flirtation.  Even though my life was not in complete fidelity, I wasn’t out seeking sexual interludes.  Sometimes they just came my way as in the case of one night at the Fontainebleau Hotel – an older woman expressed that she would like to bed me down and that she had a registered room.  The fact that I had a couple of drinks resulted in my meeting her.  After popping it to her, I realized that I shouldn’t have and that it was most distasteful.  It wasn’t that I felt guilty for an adulterous episode, no, since it had been a couple of years during which I had ventured into marital transgressions — having fallen out of love with an overly possessive mate.  
     Indeed!  I have often heard a lot of fellows comment that even the “Worst piece of Ass – was a Great piece of Ass!”  
     Not so, with me!  As a result of that one-nighter, I frequently deny a woman’s charm if there is no chemistry.  If I didn’t have a healthy desire for her before having a few drinks, then she just didn’t get plied.  I turned away thereafter, and I continue to do so from such available situations, as I don’t wish to be sullied by unpleasant after-feelings.

     Following one such refusal to a Lady, she gasped and then castigated me as being “Useless!”


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